Thursday, March 4, 2010

Common Sense Janitors!!!!

Since the beginning of the H1N1(swine flu) virus people are complaining and protesting more about germs and bacteria, and how it will make us sick.

One of the biggest things the media have been talking about to keep away from the H1N1 Virus (other than getting an H1N1 shot) is washing your hands after using the washroom utilities. That said whether we had the H1N1 virus or not, everyone (AND I MEAN EVERYONE) should wash their hands after performing that sort of dirty act.

Nevertheless the other day I walked into a washroom at a public place, and after finishing my "act" I went to wash my hands. What I found was a tap that would only work if I kept one hand on it at all times, so I had to wash my hands one at a time which was incredibly unfortunate, after washing my hands I realized the washroom had no form of "paper towel" or "toilet paper" instead the washroom had a very old air dryer that blew warm air at a really slow pace. That really blew the buttons off my shirt!!
If society wants us to wash our hands and make sure that we don't acquire any form of disease then they should make DAMN sure that their are functioning sinks and usable towels in their DAMN washrooms!


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  1. I disagree with negative comments on this post as the post has justified its point with authentic sources and there should be no problem on it.